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Sex isn't usually very personal for you—you're typically in it for the fun! Best sex position: on your back. From here you can show off your deluxe Rabbit or whatever gadget you have stashed in your goodie drawer to your partner as they watch. Seeing them get worked up over your self-pleasure will get you ready for the real action. You're the sign of compassion and are a "sponge for emotions.

Out of the rest of the signs, you're probably the most romantic. Best sex position: spooning. Intimate, personal, body contact—everything a Pisces could hope for. Well, that and a little role play. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork. Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Love January 3, By Kenny Thapoung. Share via facebook dialog.

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Gemini May 21 — June 20 Let us guess: In bed you like to switch it up from position to position. It's time to rid yourself of regrets. Be aware of your limitations and develop a wiser and more spontaneous you. Money opportunities are coming your way mid-August. If you're under pressure from the taxman, start planning now.

With Mars and Jupiter giving you the gift of the gab throughout the summer, just take care you don't get too self-opinionated. Use the charismatic influence of Venus after 7 August to twist those VIP contacts round your little finger. You have an innate knack for being a trader, so put forward your aspirations to someone you know owes you a favour in early September. Jupiter's visionary link with Neptune on 11 September either gives you itchy feet or convinces you that you can walk on water.

Your ruler, Mercury, does a U-turn in your chart from 15 September until 7 October. Romantic words tingle the tip of your tongue, but wisely wait until mid-October to admit to anything. Your self-esteem gleams like a polished sword when Mars forges on through Libra after 16 October, and you have one of those identity shifts - in the right direction, of course.

But don't sabotage a relationship around the beginning of November by acting all defiant.

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The Sun opposing Saturn on 17 December, and a Full Moon in your own sign on the 19th, make you unusually aloof. For once, admit you have feelings. It will give grace to every word you need to say.

Horoscope-Inspired Outfit Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

It's time to work threads of gold into love's tapestry, not silver bullets. Revitalise your image with Jupiter's expansive influence in your own sign until 2 August. Lovers, family and friends might well comment on your optimistic outlook on life mid-August. The very persuasive nature of Jupiter means you can tell someone what you really feel, without worrying about negative feedback.

Libra October 2019 Astrology INSPIRING ROMANCE, You're Super Lucky!

Around 11 September, financial aspirations just don't seem to gel with what's being offered. Invest time in yourself, or develop other creative ventures to bring a deeper sense of satisfaction. From mid-September, Venus gives a sexy air to any existing relationship. Just watch out around 11 October when one attachment is severely tested. Avoid buying or selling property between 14 September and 5 October. Expressions of love, joys of family and inner riches of your soul will be the measure by which you live out your potential.

Leo: July 23-August 22

November is quiet and hazy, moods and dreams change and you go with the flow. As Mercury wings its way through Scorpio, be quick to respond to admirers, or simply slip into someone's arms before the 18th. Faded passion will turn to vibrant desire. With Mars steaming into Scorpio on 2 December, you'll remember why you had such thoughts back in November. Suddenly you're charged with fascination for someone special, and for once the feedback won't be imagined. Show-stopping though you're feeling for most of July, make sure you listen to loved ones after the 14th.

Mars in your own sign can make you outrageously self-willed. Be ready to speak your mind, but let others have their say, too. Raise the curtain on an operatic performance of six months of give and take.

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Act one is July, and the scene is set for you to do all the giving. Jupiter's surge into your own sign on 2 August generates an action-packed month. You're in the limelight and no one's going to get in your way. Star quality is what makes you wanted by a very unlikely admirer.

Be careful on 24 August as Mars's make-or-break link with Uranus could produce fireworks of the sexiest kind. Make sure you don't get caught up in a tantalising love triangle. As Jupiter opposes Neptune on 11 September, the desire for more freedom in your relationships will grow. Either you'll fall desperately in love with an ideal, or be taken out of yourself by a very persuasive partner. You could be up for some lucrative rewards when Mars drives on through Virgo throughout September, but take care around the 24th and avoid get-rich-quick schemes. Mercury gives you the go-ahead to negotiate property deals after 7 October, but with Venus back-tracking through your chart until 21 November, your values might be tested by a family member.

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It leaves the rest of us in awe. Mix prints and colors in tailored silhouettes for a fun yet elegant look. From a young age, I also developed a love for expressing my thoughts on paper - especially the buried ones. The temperatures may not reflect it quite yet, but the spirit of autumn is already starting to fill the air — and with it comes a renewed sense of responsibility. We still love our off-the-shoulder tops, choker necklaces, cutoff shorts, and collection of bomber jackets, but we also yearn for new ways to style our old favorites.

Don't feel you have to live by other people's expectations in the run-up to the end of the year. You are a star among other stars, but one that is shining the brightest on the world stage.

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Your sense of responsibility grows throughout the summer, as Saturn reminds you to work hard. Type keyword s to search. By Peter Watson. By Lisa Stardust. By Jake Register. By Selena Barrientos. Your Complete Horoscope for September See what's in store for the month ahead. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 15, By Emmalea Russo. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 1,